About us

About vidmeo, who we are & what we do

Vidmeo's objective is to provide a unique & one of a kind, video hosting & sharing platform to upload & share your video(s) with the world! With limited options for hosting & sharing your video for all the world to see, we wanted to see something new in the world of online video. Something different, refreshing, innovative, unique, & that brings something new & compelling to the table. & thus the idea for vidmeo was had.

Starting with our name: Just as a new mother & father would want to give there newborn child a favorable name, so to did we when creating vidmeo. The name vidmeo, is the result of an extensive and considerable amount of brainstorming efforts and consideration. After the initial idea & desire to build something new was had. The criteria for choosing a name was simple, the intent is to have a name that is unique & one of a kind unlike any other. Vidmeo is short, concise, brandable, creative, & brings associations of video to mind, & is descriptive of what we do.

Bringing a new video sharing & hosting experience to the world is our number one goal, and in doing that our name should help to achieve that as well. Let's breakdown what the name vidmeo represents, of course 'vidmeo' is very similar to the word 'video'. & 'me' is descriptive and used to describe one's self. In our efforts to procure a good name, these two words ('video' & 'me') are a great combination for a new name, as they articulate what we want in our name. When these two words are joined, vidmeo now comes to mean & is representative of " my video ".

Our logo: The vidmeo logo is not just any ordinary logo, but our brand Identity & our face to the world. When brainstorming & crafting the logo, it had to be something unique & instantly recognizable. Being a video sharing & hosting platform, what better way to represent vidmeo to the world than a video camera? So we did just that, 'vidmeo' is a very descriptive and creative name to begin with. When joined with a video camera we now have a one of a kind recognizable & world class logo.

Our continuous efforts: Vidmeo is always working to better the platform and bring the utmost improvements & change possible. To achieve this, we are constantly innovating and bringing a competitive edge to remain of value and favorability to the community. We hope that this page has given you a positive understanding and appreciation of vidmeo, as well as our background on how vidmeo came to be. We are hopeful that we can continue to grow & have you be apart of the journey. After all we wouldn't be what we are without you!