Terms of use

Introductory :

These are the terms of use governing your use while on vidmeo, while it may be tempting to skip over this. It is within your best interest that you familiarize your self with these terms, so that you can abide by all current terms & conditions at all times. In order to keep the terms of use consistent, all specified terms apply equally to all users of the platform at all times. All efforts have been made to keep the terms of use for vidmeo concise, short, simple, easy to understand, & comprehend.

- Your continued use of vidmeo shall be interpreted as acceptance of all written terms, should you not accept or agree with any of these terms it is necessary that you cease & discontinue any further use of the platform.

Vidmeo reserves the right to change or modify these terms at any time for any reason, & without prior notice. You will be bound by any revised terms in the future should they change. It is advisable that you periodically read over the terms of use, as they can potentially change or be revised from time to time.

1 - Non permitted content :

This TOU (Terms of use) outlines all content that is not permitted on the platform. While we welcome all types of content, there is some content that we can not allow to be uploaded on the platform.

Sexually explicit content, adult material, pornography, lewdness, & some instances of nudity. Extreme and violent content (sexual or non sexual) is not permitted either. Illegal & copyrighted (Unless the copyrighted content has been permitted or allowed by the copyright holder) content is not permitted on the platform:

The non permitted content listed above, may not be uploaded on vidmeo at anytime as this particular content is not permitted on vidmeo for various reasons. Uploading of this particular content may result in the offending user being banned from the platform. Or potentially a suspension of uploading privileges.

- Vidmeo reserves the right to remove any offending material or content, and has final say in dealing with any non permitted, inappropriate, or questionable content.

2 - Community Etiquette :

This TOU (Terms of use) outlines how we expect all users and the community to conduct themself , while on vidmeo. A welcoming and polite community is what we wish to see for all, and makes vidmeo a enjoyable place to be apart of. Just as in everyday life we all abide by common etiquette, so to should you do so while on vidmeo. It is encouraged of the community to be polite & respectful at all times when interacting. Whether that be in the comments on a video, direct messaging between users, chat, video, live-streaming, or any other means of contact. We wish for a community and platform that is free of any form of harassment, hate, racism, and intolerance towards others.

3 - Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule ("COPPA") :

Vidmeo does not knowing collect any information from those that are 13 years of age & younger. As part of this act it is necessary that if you are 13 years of age or younger, you must cease & discontinue any further use of vidmeo. The exception to this TOU (Terms of use) is parental supervision, or supervision under a legal guardian that is 18 years of age or older.

4 - Right to deny or revoke use or access :

Vidmeo reserves the right to deny or revoke access to the platform to anyone at anytime. Being a private platform, vidmeo reserves the right to revoke or deny access to the platform when warranted. Instances where access may be denied or revoked may include but are not limited to the following:

• Breaking the non permitted content policy TOU (Terms of use)

• Harassment or hostility towards other on the platform at anytime

• Evading a ban or suspension issued or applied on another user or account

• Spam

Effective as of February 21, 2022